Wednesday, June 18, 2008

And now a word from the grammar bitch.

So I was in Wal-Green's today on a mission to pick up some pictures, and I stopped in an aisle looking at foam board. While peering at it's "ghost lines" (and making a dumb joke about them) I heard to following sentence spoken aloud.

"Don't this like more better than it did?"

I cringed at the many errors of that sentence. I wanted to walk over there with the foam board and a marker and write down that sentence. Then explain to the teenager who had uttered it, just what exactly was all wrong with that sentence. Such as the use of Don't instead of Doesn't (we should suspend the use on contractions in this country for the period of a week or two, so maybe people will once again realize that the root words of said contractions are and hopefully be able to use them in a sentence.) I also wanted to point out to him that "more better" is a bit redundant, and that when saying better, one must not use a word that is basically a synonym. Much better would have sufficed, but more isn't correct. In that way you are saying that it looked better before, and not you have made it "more better" than that. A bit obnoxious.

Well.. I suppose...

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