Monday, June 22, 2009

Alright kids.

My yes, it's been almost a complete year since I've done anything with this blog. What can I say? It's been an interesting year. Failed relationships, a bout with depression, a near nervous break-down, (not in that order), a speeding ticket, bounced checks, all great times. K, maybe not great, but interesting......

So I am going to try this again, I don't have Internet access at home still (Hurrah for renting a place that's too expensive for me!) so it may be sporadic, while I'm stealing time at work, or hanging at my ma's house.

I usually think of amusing things when I am wondering through my day, but never quite get to the computer fast enough to put the down. I will say I'll try not to be the whiny depressed bitch I tended to be, but I still will be my normal sullen, emotionally distant, sarcastic bitch, so take heart in that!

Well... I suppose....

(Yes, the tag line will continue to make it's appearance)

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